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The four Knauf values

Values as a basis for sustainable actions


The four Knauf valuesValues as a basis for sustainable actions

Knauf firmly believes that only a company based on values provides the guarantee to be able to grow sustainably and find solutions to the challenges of the future. They are the principles on which the company is based and according to which the employees still act today.

The inner compass provides orientation

In 2012 these values were reworded and set down as a type of inner compass, which is applicable to the entire Knauf Group. The values, which build on the mission and vision of the company, were developed in cooperation with the Knauf family, who initiated this process.

The competence emerges from the values

  • Menschlichkeit

    We view ourselves, our clients and everybody else involved in our actions as part of one big family. We stand for justice, integrity and respect when dealing with each other. As a role model for society we are socially committed and treat our environment with respect.

  • Partnership

    We trust each other and can rely on each other. As a team, we support each other wherever possible. We are reliable and loyal.

  • Commitment

    We assume responsibility for our work and consider the effects of our decisions. We are fully committed to providing solutions and products of the highest quality. We continue developing for our joint success and share our knowledge.

  • Entrepreneurship

    We act pragmatically, are result-oriented and use our opportunities. Thanks to its Entrepreneurship, Knauf has developed from a family business to a globally active group of companies owned by a family. With a pioneering spirit, innovation and readiness to accept change, we create continuous growth.

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    As a globally operating company, the Knauf Group feels naturally responsible for people, nature, and society. This sentiment isin line with our self-image, to do everything we can to change living spaces through construction in a way that conserves resources and protects the environment as best as possible. Therefore, we made it our duty to shape the future of construction actively and sustainably by following the considerations mentioned above. Our commitment
  • COVID-19 information

    We continue to operate and serve customers worldwide and our colleagues are available to support you via your favourite remote channel.
    Further information is available on the respective country websites of the Knauf Group.