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Trust Starts with Understanding

International employee exchange

Trust Starts with UnderstandingInternational employee exchange

The success of the Knauf Group is based on ambition, diligence, and the dedication of 28,000 employees at 220 offices worldwide.

Our popular international employee exchange programme serves to promote a culture of communication among people, the heart and soul of our globally operating family company. The programme is about more than just procuring useful knowledge and gaining practical experiences – at least equally important are the intercultural exchange, the improvement of language skills, and the participation in new development processes. Companies from Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, Dubai, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates are currently participating in the international employee exchange of the Knauf Group.

The tender for participation in the programme is sent in December of the year prior.

We want the people who work for us to meet at an equal level: both as people and professionals.

Knauf can.

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