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Knowledge Transfer and Joined-up Thinking

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Knowledge Transfer and Joined-up ThinkingKnauf College

Knauf College is an international knowledge platform and a global competence centre of the worldwide Knauf Group. Originally established in 2007 as the Knauf Forum, Knauf College now acts as an interface for responsible employees from all divisions of the company – a one-of-a-kind knowledge transfer market teaching strategically joined-up thinking and promoting intercultural understanding.

Knauf College is oriented specifically to sales managers, marketing and communications managers, product managers, and technical commercial managers. As many as 50 participants come together for 3 days, to analyse and develop for the future the current sales and marketing goals of the Knauf Group in collaboration with external representatives of participating universities – from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and Bocconi University in Milan to Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa.

Here participants learn more than just collaborative future-oriented strategies for the entire Knauf Group. They also learn how to modify these strategies to meet the needs of specific parts of the company. In particular, the aim of Knauf College is to analyse opportunities and risks and to evaluate new approaches for their feasibility in a critical dialogue. Attendees do not only need to have intuition for the conditions of the building materials market, they will also develop this intuition further – and at the same time they will evaluate the current and future role of the Knauf Group and of all its individual divisions.

Joined-up thinking. Understanding one another. Acting responsibly. Always doing the best – for the good of the Knauf Group and its individual companies.

Knauf College can.

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