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Conserving Resources, Saving Energy

Our commitment


Conserving Resources, Saving EnergyOur commitment

As a globally operating company, the Knauf Group feels naturally responsible for people, nature, and society. This sentiment is in line with our self-image, to do everything we can to change living spaces through construction in a way that conserves resources and protects the environment as best as possible. Therefore, we made it our duty to shape the future of construction actively and sustainably by following the considerations mentioned above.

Among such activities are the integrated development and improvement of our products taking into account economic, ecological, and social factors. Also, our comprehensive consultation expertise helps our partners to select and put together construction products, particularly with regard to sustainability.

Knauf Blue and sustainability

“Knauf Blue” takes the group of companies another important step forward. Our aim is to create blue buildings. Blue buildings stand apart from the comparable one-aspect view of construction under purely ecological aspects (green) and make it their purpose to develop integrated solution approaches for the safe, healthy, and comfortable design of living spaces. You can find more information on this topic at (in German).

Knauf takes responsibility. For itself and its products. For its customers and employees. For the environment, nature, and society. Knauf can.

Much Room for Great Art

Building and aesthetics go hand in hand. Moreover, they complement one another. In this respect, as a manufacturer of building materials of various types, the Knauf Group is a company that makes beautiful living possible. The Knauf Group also has a passion for art – and especially for reliefs.

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