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Much Room for Great ArtThe Knauf Museum

Building and aesthetics go hand in hand. Moreover, they complement one another. In this respect, as a manufacturer of building materials of various types, the Knauf Group is a company that makes possible beautiful living. The Knauf Group also has a passion for art – and especially for reliefs.

On 30 June 1983, the Knauf Group made its dream of public presentation of magnificent art come true with the opening of the Knauf Museum on the premises of a historical inn built in 1688 in the market square of Iphofen. Specifically, the museum houses one of the world’s most famous relief collections from the era of ancient art – a grandiose and simultaneously impressive exhibit of the past and earliest masters. Every year around 30,000 excited visitors and experts find their way into the Knauf Museum to enjoy the art treasures of the ancient world.

Reliefs and chocolate

In addition to the permanent exhibit, Knauf Museum offers its local, national, and international guests a constantly changing programme of temporary exhibits from various areas. The spectrum of art produced by Museum Director Markus Mergenthaler and his employees ranges from the world of chocolate to porcelain exhibits to the presentation of historical jewellery. You can find more information at (in German).

Knauf can.

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