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Inspired Interiors. Bringing Ceilings to Life.

Knauf Armstrong Ceiling Solutions


Inspired Interiors. Bringing Ceilings to Life.Knauf Armstrong Ceiling Solutions

Inspired Interiors. Bringing Ceilings to Life.

Knauf Armstrong Ceiling Solutions is a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative ceiling, wall and suspension system solutions. Knauf Armstrong portfolio spans a myriad of multi material ceiling and wall system solutions (mineral, metal, wood and mesh) for the leisure and hospitality, office, education, healthcare, retail and transport sectors, offering functional, sustainable and contemporary solutions that enhance the customer experience and turn project demands into solutions.

Achieving your Ambitions

At Knauf Armstrong, customer satisfaction is not just a motto. It’s an everyday reality Knauf Armstrong have been living for over 155 years.

From technical service specialists, to architectural and engineering specialisms; on-site support, to vastly experienced project leaders and product managers, Knauf Armstrong can be relied upon to meet customer needs in every area. From ideation, to installation, to identifying cost, all the way through to completion, Knauf Armstrong’s focus never strays from helping customers deliver to deadlines – and budgets.

Thanks to a robust local-manufacturing structure with six manufacturing plants across EMEA, Knauf Armstrong maintains complete control of all its products, offering customers consistent quality, full availability, effective delivery and total compliance.

With over 1000 employees, the companies enduring success comes from a constant willingness and ability not only to adapt but to listen to what customers have to say.

Your Project. Our Experience.

From local primary schools to international airport terminals, Knauf Armstrong applies the same degree of commitment, expertise and application to every project won. Whatever the challenge set, Knauf Armstrong deliver unrivalled service, remarkable performance and the finest multi-material solutions design can create.

All of our problem solving, innovation and know-how combining with your drive and your vision – pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved together.

From a cork-cutting shop to global leader in ceiling system solutionsOur history

  • 1860

    “Let the buyer have faith” – Thomas Morton Armstrong opens a tiny two-man cork-cutting shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania delivering his first hand-carved corks by wheelbarrow.

  • 1864

    Thomas Morton pioneers the practice of stamping each cork with the ‘Armstrong’ brand name and includes a written guarantee in every bag sold. Within three decades, Armstrong becomes the world’s largest cork company.

  • 1900

    Armstrong adapts to changing market conditions and builds a new factory in Pennsylvania, to produce linoleum. Other products follow including fibreboard, ceiling board and vinyl floors, and later furniture and ceramic tiles.

  • 1966

    For the first time, a manufacturing plant opens in Europe (United Kingdom). Thirty years later, in 1996, Armstrong opens its factory doors in Asia.

  • 2000

    With the acquisition of the Gema metal group of companies, Armstrong offers custom solutions in metal. In the following years Armstrong introduces wood, mesh and floating ceiling systems to enrich its multi-material portfolio.

  • Today

    Armstrong Ceiling Solutions is acquired by Knauf, providing the business with an opportunity to strengthen its presence even further to expand its ceiling solution portfolio for EMEA & APAC customers.