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Our vision is to lead the change in smarter insulation solutions for a better worldThe Knauf Insulation division

Knauf Insulation is a worldwide leading manufacturer of insulation materials. Knauf Insulation’s substantial product portfolio comprises high-quality mineral wool insulation materials, such as Glass Mineral Wool with ECOSE® Technology, rock mineral wool, blowing (or loose) wool, wood wool under Heraklith brand. Recently the portfolio was expanded with the addition of a new range of green solutions. Our Urbanscape range is an innovative, lightweight and easy to install system with high water retention capacity designed specifically for green roofs, landscapes and horticulture.

As a global player and part of an international operating family company, Knauf Insulation can now look back at more than 30 years of company history. Since the founding of Knauf Fiber Glass in Shelbyville (USA) in 1978, the company achieved sales of 1.3 billion Euros in 2013. Today Knauf Insulation has over 5,500 employees in more than 35 countries with more than 40 production plants in 15 countries.

Insulation means energy efficiency

Knauf Insulation committed to meeting the increasing demand for energy efficiency in new and existing homes, non-residential buildings and industrial applications.

Knauf Insulation’s strength is in its broad range of solutions and comprehensive solution expertise. Whether you need Mineral Wool, Wood Wool or XPS for use in residential or commercial buildings, industry or the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) industry, as a customer you can always rely on Knauf Insulation to provide impartial advice on the best product or solution for any given application.

A clear vision

Insulation alone is capable of cutting a building’s energy use by a third. So, as one of the world’s leading insulation companies, the most sustainable thing that Knauf Insulation can do is make sure that more insulation goes into new buildings and more buildings get renovated. And that is just what it is doing.

Knauf Insulation is taking an active role in fighting for better a legislation in Europe on energy efficiency, piloting one-stop shops for energy efficiency retrofit, or getting stuck into renovation projects to show that it’s easy and cost-effective to insulate.

Beyond this Knauf Insulation is developing a range of innovative new solutions to help make an active contribution to fight climate change and deal with the problem of dwindling natural energy resources.

Growth for More Sustainability from the StartOur history

  • 1978

    Knauf Insulation was founded as Knauf Fiber Glass in Shelbyville (USA) in 1978. Knauf Insulation grew very quickly in this early stage – by 1983 it had already doubled its production capacity. It opened additional production facilities for light-density insulation materials in Lanett, Alabama (in 1988) and for pipe insulations also in Shelbyville, Indiana (in 1990); meanwhile its capacity in the Lanett facility had doubled again by 1995.

  • 2001

    Between 2001-2002 Knauf acquired successively the European activities of Owens Corning, manufacturer of insulation materials. At the same time, the entire division was renamed Knauf Insulation.

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    Growth continued to accelerate, even in the subsequent years: Knauf Insulation opened a production facility for light-density insulation materials in Shasta Lake, California (in 2002), integrated Knauf Fiber Glass USA (in 2003), acquired the Serbian rock mineral wool manufacturer Vunizol (in 2005) and the rock mineral wool and wood wool manufacturer Heraklith (in 2006), opened a factory for glass mineral wool in Krupka, Czech Republic (in 2006), and constructed a production facility for glass mineral wool in Stupino, Russia (in 2007) – Knauf Insulation worked persistently to become a global player.

  • 2007

    Knauf Insulation continued to follow this strategy for success in the following years as well. In 2007 it opened a new production facility for rock mineral wool in Surdulica, Serbia. At its main plant in Shelbyville, capacities expanded again and Knauf Insulation also acquired the Canadian company Manson Insulation (in 2008).

  • 2009

    From 2009 to 2012, Knauf Insulation expanded its production capacity at the plant in Skofja Loka (Slovenia), rolled out the revolutionary Ecose binder at all glass mineral wool plants, opened a new production line for stone mineral wool in St. Egidien (Germany) and for glass mineral wool in Lannemezan (France), and acquired two production facilities for glass mineral wool, one in Eskisehir (Turkey) and one in Tyumen (Russia).

  • 2012

    Even now, Knauf Insulation lives up to its reputation as an innovator in insulation products. In 2012 the plant in the Belgian city of Visé became Europe’s largest production facility for glass wool manufacturing thanks to a substantial capacity increase. Since 2013 Knauf Insulation has been operating Exeed Insulation LLC Holding as a joint venture together with Exeed Industries.

  • Today

    Today Knauf Insulation has over 5,500 employees in more than 35 countries with more than 40 production plants in 15 countries. Alone in 2013, the company reached sales of 1.3 billion Euros – and the trend is rising. Knauf Insulation can.

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