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Knauf Performance Materials is the specialist for natural and sustainable construction materials as well as industrial building and horticulture products based on refined perlite. These construction materials include the brand TecTem®, mineral internal insulation boards (including some awarded with the Blue Angel label) and floor solutions based on AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Floor with floor levelling and insulation filler. The product range also comprises PERLIGRAN® plant substrates, the aggregate VOLITE® and other refined industrial perlites. The company is based in Dortmund.

Transformation through innovationOur History

  • 1954

    Knauf Performance Materials was founded as Knauf Perlite in 1954. Within a short time, the company made a name for itself as a specialist in natural building materials made of Perlite. Over the years, Knauf Perlite perfected its products, which are based on swellable volcanic rock. These products continue to form an ideal basis for any type of levelling and insulation filling, insulation materials, and aggregates for the industry.

  • 2012

    At the end of the 20th century, Knauf Perlite conquered entirely new markets with its Aquapanel® technology. These cement-bonded construction boards revolutionised the construction industry – and are still used around the world for interior, exterior, and floor applications. Changing its name from Knauf Perlite to Knauf Aquapanel in 2012, the company continued to uphold its tradition as an innovative solutions provider in the construction industry.

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    Today Knauf Aquapanel® is not only a synonym for a purely limitless range of applications – from the outdoor weather-resistant substrate board, to the construction board for wet and moist interior rooms – it is also a synonym for the latest product technology, intelligent systems, and service-oriented thinking and actions.

  • Today

    Customer-friendly, highly motivated employees and continuously new, innovative products for dry walling are the highlights of Knauf Aquapanel. Whether it is Knauf Aquapanel drywalls or the latest Knauf Aquapanel wetroom solutions – our successful technologies are conquering the markets of the world. Knauf Performance Materials can.

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