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Our product range


  • Glass mineral wool

    ECOSE Technology is a revolutionary, new, formaldehyde-free binder technology, based on rapidly renewable materials instead of petro-based chemicals. It reduces embodied energy and delivers superior environmental sustainability. More about ECOSE Technology
  • SUPAFIL Blowing Wool

    Supafil is designed with optimal thermal and acoustic properties and excellent coverage and blowing characteristics. Blowing Wool is a highly cost effective insulation solution designed for both new build and renovation projects. Supafil is classified as Euroclass A1, the best fire performance. More about Supafil

  • Aquapanel

    AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor is a solid, durable tile backing board for interior use. It is made of aggregated Portland cement with coated glass fibre mesh embedded in back and front surfaces. More about Aquapanel
  • Knauf Diamant

    Knauf Diamant is used in all fields of interior works as cladding of premium drywall systems with enhanced requirements for sound insulation and fire protection, and in case of special requirements on mechanical resistance, in rooms with moderately high humidity. More about Knauf Diamant
  • Knauf Safeboard

    Knauf Safeboard GKF Knauf Safeboard Joint Filler is used with Knauf Safeboard X-ray shielding plasterboard to complete the radiation protection. More about Knauf Safeboard
  • Knauf Silentboard

    Knauf Silentboard sound shield board is used in all fields of interior works as cladding or upgrade of drywall systems with fire resistance and in case of highest requirements on sound insulation. More about Knauf Silentboard

  • Guardex

    Guardex sheathing board is a non-combustible, light weight, environmentally-friendly and mould, water, tire resistant offering superior our permeability. More about Guardex
  • Knauf Drystar-Board

    Knauf Drystar Board is used in every area of internal fittings as cladding for drywall systems in damp and wet rooms. It can also be used as cladding for suspended ceilings in external areas which are not directly exposed to the elements. More about Knauf Drystar

  • MP 75 L

    Projection plaster MP 75 L is a light and particularly efficient pre-mixed dry mortar on proven plaster gypsum basis with special light aggregates for smoothed interior surfaces. More about MP 75 L

  • Knauf Floor Screed FE 80 Allegro

    Knauf Floor Screed FE 80 Allegro is a factory mixed dry mortar, calcium sulphate-based, to be mixed with water. It consists of anhydrite, special gypsum, liquefier and aggregates (0 to 4 mm), like grainy natural anhydrite or silica sand. More about Knauf Floor Screed FE 80 Allegro
  • Rotband bonding gypsum plaster

    Rotband bonding gypsum plaster for smoothing is a gypsum plaster with special lightweight additives. Due to bonding additives it is especially suitable for concrete ceilings and walls as well as pre-cast concrete components and all common plastering substrates. More about Rotband

  • Knauf Cleaneo Acoustic

    Knauf Cleaneo Acoustic are perforated or slotted gypsum boards in compliance with EN 14190 with dehydrated zeolite for air-cleaning effects. More about Knauf Cleaneo Acoustic
  • GIFAfloor

    The various GIFAfloor systems can fulfil at least the fire protection requirement F30 in every variation and offer best impact sound insulation. More about GIFAfloor