Knauf Knauf

Drystar BoardThe specialised board for damp and wet rooms

Knauf Drystar Board

Knauf Drystar Board is used in every area of internal fittings as cladding for drywall systems in damp and wet rooms. It can also be used as cladding for suspended ceilings in external areas which are not directly exposed to the elements.

Special advantages:

  • Resistant to humidity and moisture
  • Resistant to mould
  • Non-combustible
  • Easy to apply, similar to gypsum boards
  • Ideal substrate for tiles and seals
  • Low swelling and shrinkage in case of climatic fluctuations
  • Can be bent and folded

A solution made up of different system components

The perfectly coordinated components of the Knauf Drystar system make it possible to create safe and durable wall and ceiling structures which are resistant to mould and moisture. Knauf Drystar is made up of the following system components:

  • Knauf Drystar board
  • Knauf Drystar filler
  • Damp room sub-structure
  • Knauf Drystar screws
  • Ceiling steel dowel corrosion protection class A4
  • Access panels F-TEC Drystar, resistant to driving rain

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