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SUPAFIL Blowing WoolUnbonded, virgin glass blowing wool


Supafil is unbonded, virgin glass blowing insulation designed with optimal thermal and acoustic properties and excellent coverage and blowing characteristics.

Blowing Wool is a highly cost efficient insulation solution designed for both new build and renovation projects. Supafil is classified as Euroclass A1, the best fire performance. Supafil range offers solutions for three types of applications

Supafil Cavity Wall

Supafil Cavity Wall ensures a smooth and efficient installation process in cavities. The installation is clean and quick and it can be installed from outside or inside.

Supafil Loft

Supafil Loft is a light-weight blow-in solution for open lofts ensuring clean installation process. It is also a hassle-free solution for roof loft both in new construction and renovation.

Supafil Timber Frame

SUPAFIL Timber Frame is a solution for frame construction that can be applied in renovation and new build projects since it fills voids. Supafil Timber Frame is installed behind a veil.

Special features:

  • Quick, clean, light-weight and cost efficient solution
  • Real performance for new build and renovation projects with high acoustic and thermal performance parameters
  • A fast installed solution for an energy efficient house provided by specialized and approved installers, without any interruption of the normal house-life during retrofit project
  • Reduction of environmental impact by decreasing demand for fuels for heating and air-conditioning of buildings. The virgin blowing wool is manufactured using up to 60% recycled glass
  • Benefits for installers such as a compressive packaging to optimise transportation and warehousingconomical and sustainable
  • Contribution to sustainable buildings: Supafil has the Eurofins Gold Standard for Indoor Air Quality and Blue Angel certification.

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