Knauf Knauf

Knauf VERMIPLASTERFire protection gypsum plaster


A fire protection gypsum plaster for interior application. Consists of gypsum as a binder in combination with a special mix of lightweight aggregates and additives to ensure good machine application. Knauf VERMIPLASTER has been granted the European Technical Approval ETA - 11/0229.

Special advantages:

  • Fire protection in accordance with ETA - 11/0229, Steel up to R 120, profiled sheet metals up to R240, concrete up to R240
  • Easy machine application
  • Easy to work
  • Notably higher yield than comparable products
  • Rapid hardening
  • Gypsum based
  • For interior use
  • Colour white
  • No impairment of the steel construction
  • No Impairment when used in food product areas

Note: Please check for local availability at your retail partner.

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