Knauf Knauf

Helsinki Station

Helsinki, Finland


The station building, which was designed in 1919 was to be equipped with "invisible" loudspeakers, so as not to infringe against the regulations for listed buildings. Special wooden panels from Knauf were used, which blend in perfectly with the traditional design of the building, without reducing the quality of the sound.

The Knauf Soundboard has a dissipation angle of 180° and a clear sound throughout the entire frequency range. A single panel is sufficient for an area of up to 30m². Six of these panels were installed in the large hall of the Helsinki Station. The objective was to produce a combination of loudspeakers, which can be clearly heard by passengers in the waiting area, but which does not disturb transactions at the ticket desks on the opposite wall.


  • Project Planner: Ramboll Oy

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