Knauf Knauf

Hilton Squaire

Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Two remarkable Hilton hotels were added to the Squaire Complex at Frankfurt Airport in 2011. With distinctive design components from Knauf as well as integrated lighting effects, an impressive interior was created, which has its climax in the ballroom.

The ceiling in the lobby of the Hilton Garden Inn was created with design components from Knauf Gips KG, which are integrated into the ceiling as rectangular recesses.

The bar in the adjacent large Hilton hotel is framed with curved wall surfaces, which were also created by drylining with formed boards from Knauf Gips KG, as was the ceiling solution. The ceiling is constructed as a Knauf Cleaneo acoustic ceiling with an optimised structure consisting of perforated boards, fibre glass fleece and fumi acoustic plaster. As in the reception of the Garden Inn, lighting panels were integrated in the form of formed components from Knauf.

The ballroom, as with all of the other interior design of the hotel, was designed by JOI-Design from Hamburg and features a shimmering silver appearance. The free-standing pillar in the ballroom, with its round exterior shape was created as a steel frame, which was completely surrounded and internally lined with drylining elements. For the walls, so-called "Diva Walls" from the Knauf W145 system were used, which feature a high fire protection class (F90A) and excellent sound insulation properties.

With Knauf Integral, Knauf also assisted with finding a suitable solution for the ceiling of the large ballroom with its slightly domed roof. GIFAfloor FHB, was an unusual, but ideal selection for the hollow cavity floor, as in this case, the curvature could be combined with high strength and functionality.


  • Architect: JOI-Design GmbH
  • Year of construction: 2011

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