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  • Château de Grandvoir - Belgium

    This beautiful château in the Belgian Walloon Region was converted into a hotel. More about the château
  • Squaire - Germany

    Two remarkable Hilton hotels were added to the Squaire Complex at Frankfurt Airport in 2011. More about the hotels
  • Helsinki Station - Finland

    The station building, which was designed in 1919 was to be equipped with "invisible" loudspeakers, so as not to infringe against the regulations for listed buildings. More about the station
  • Baccarat Gymnasium - France

    For the ceiling of the gymnasium in Baccarat, acoustic properties and impact resistance were the main priorities. More about the gymnasium

  • GORS - Lativa

    A regional and multifunctional centre, "GORS", which provides space for cultural events in an optimum acoustic environment was the challenge which faced the team of architects in Eastern Latvia. More about the Lativan centre
  • Festspielhaus Erl - Austria

    The Festspielhaus in the Tirolean town of Erl was completed in 2012 and forms a counterpart to the plain and unheated passion play theater, which can also be used in winter. More about the Festspielhaus
  • Philharmonic Hall - Poland

    The newly constructed philharmonic hall in the centre of the town blends in seamlessly with the architecture of the Polish coastal city of Stettin. More about the hall
  • Mariinsky Theatre - Russia

    Up to May 2013, an ambitious construction project was carried out in the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. More about the new stage

  • Palazzo Mantegazza - Switzerland

    On 16 floors (5 of which are below ground level), the Palazzo Mantegazza combines high quality residential accommodation, culture and commerce under one roof in a prime location. Accordingly, the building presented very special requirements with regard to sound insulation and the quality of the interior. More about the Palazzo
  • Salcombe Tower - UK

    The conversion of the historic watchtower presented the architects with the challenge of integrating a modern structure into a historical facade. More about the conversion


  • Hotel Boca Design - Argentina

    Based on the famous club Boca Juniors (Argentina), this is the world's first hotel with the theme of football. More about the 5-star hotel
  • Carpets Museum - Azerbaijan

    The new museum, in the form of a rolled-up carpet, opened at the end of 2013. More about the Carpets Museum
  • Ormond College - Australia

    A learning centre for students and academics of Ormond College was to be created as part of the redesign of the MacFarland University Building. More about the college
  • Santiago College - Chile

    The highly traditional Santiago College was relocated to a new building complex in 2012. More about the Chilean construction

Summarecon Mall - Indonesia

The Summarecon Mall, with its distinctively designed facade and remarkable ceiling shapes in the main lobby, is one of the most unusual shopping malls in the metropolitan region of Jakarta.

More about the mall