Knauf Knauf

Philharmonic Hall

Szczecin, Poland


The newly constructed philharmonic hall in the centre of the town blends in seamlessly with the architecture of the Polish coastal town of Szczecin. Many Knauf products were used for the interior, including facing panels and floor and ceiling systems for unique drylining constructions.

Knauf W623 furring is used in the conference hall, double lining with Knauf GKB 15 mm and a modified Knauf D116 ceiling with suspended acoustic absorbers. In the cafe, an innovative ceiling was constructed, comprising a layer of Fireboard panels, a second layer of Silentboard and Diamant panels and a third layer of Cleaneo panels.

In addition, Aquapanel Outdoor Systems were used in the underground car park and the Knauf W626 system was installed in the technical areas.


  • Architect: Barozzi Veiga
  • Year of construction: 2013

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