Knauf Knauf

Mariinsky Theatre

St. Petersburg, Russia


Up to May 2013, an ambitious construction project was carried out in the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg: a new stage, including all of the commonly used rooms as well as the associated auditorium were to be newly constructed.

Knauf complete systems were used in the following areas:

  • Installation of suspended ceilings made from KNAUF plasterboard
  • Installation of the acoustic ceiling in the main auditorium
  • Installation of partition walls made from KNAUF construction boards

Special, hand-made plaster panels were produced for the acoustic ceilings. The acoustic ceiling in the main auditorium was produced with the following technology: The construction consisted of approximately 500 elements. Each element was cast in special moulds with plaster cement, and subsequently the elements were assembled (like a puzzle) on a metal subframe. The joints between the elements were filled with joint filler, and subsequently the entire construction was painted. This enabled a solid construction with an excellent acoustic effect to be created. All of the elements for this ceiling were produced in Germany.

Knauf panels were used for the cladding of the walls in the main auditorium and for the suspended ceilings in the boxes and on the balconies. In the foyer, Aquapanel panels which were then filled were used as wall cladding. The workrooms were plastered with Rotband and Goldband plaster.


  • Architect: ZAO Bayerisches Haus
  • Year of construction: 2013

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