Knauf Knauf

Santiago College

Santiago de Chile, Chile


The highly traditional Santiago College was relocated to a new building complex in 2012. For the construction, it was not only important to fulfil requirements for sustainability and energy-efficiency, but rather, with the aid of Knauf Cleaneo Slotline panels the various acoustic requirements for classrooms, laboratories and libraries had to be catered for.

The challenge of this project was that the various areas such as classrooms, laboratories, libraries, canteens and corridors have various acoustic requirements. For example, in classrooms it is very important that the students can clearly understand what the teacher says. For this, in the first third of the classrooms, ceiling systems with a smooth surface were installed, while in the rear two thirds, Cleaneo Slotline B4 and B6 absorbent ceiling systems and wall linings were installed. The result was a very interesting visual mixture of standard plasterboards and perforated panel patterns, which enables optimum acoustics in the rooms.

In addition, the wall constructions in the corridors and common rooms were lined with Diamant boards to ensure better sound insulation and better impact resistance.


  • Architect: GRAA - Guillermo Rosende & Asociados Arquitectos
  • Year of construction: 2012

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