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  • Sustainability is a great opportunity

    Family businesses like Knauf think and act in the long-term, they are flexible, have short decision-making procedures, a flat hierarchy and trust their staff to take on responsibilities at an early stage. Our success is also based on the orientation towards fixed values and the corporate culture of working together. Interview with Alexander Knauf
  • Earthquake-resistant construction with Knauf

    Earthquakes are a great danger for people, the environment, and nature – all over in the world. Most earthquakes are of minor intensity and cause comparably little damage. However, even moderate earthquakes can have dramatic consequences. Especially if they occur more than once and in geographically sensitive areas, earthquakes are capable of negatively impacting the basic structure of a building in the long term – in the worst case, without the knowledge of the inhabitants or users. The Field of Expertise: Seismic Design